4500-2P Arcade User Manual

4500-2P Arcade User Manual | Simple User Manual



Control Panel


Quick Start:

To start playing a game, first find the category by pressing the P1_B button and continue to press it until you come to the category that you want.

Then use the joystick to navigate through the game selection screen. Push down on the joystick to move down one game at a time.

Also you can push to the right to jump through games ten at a time. Hold the joystick to the right to cycle through the games quickly.

Once you have found the game you would like to play, then press P1_A button as shown in image above.

After the game loads, press the freeplay button to add credits and then Player one start to start the game.

To exit out at any time, press and hold the player one start button and it will bring you back to the game selection screen.


Game Selection

While on the game selection screen, you can push Player1_b button to cycle through the game categories one at a time then you can push down on joystick to cycle down through game list one at a time, or press to the right and cycle through game list TEN at a time. You can also hold the joystick to the right to go through the game list superfast.

Change the orientation of the screen by hitting the all white button next to player one start that is shown here:

Once you find a game that you would like to play, push the Player1_a button to load that game.

Once the game is loaded, push the freeplay button to add credits after adding credits, push Player 1 or Player 2 start.

Exiting the Game:

While playing the game, to exit you simply hold down the Player one start button and after a few seconds it will take you back to the game selection screen.


Playing Doubles

Some games (donkey kong, pacman, galaga) require players to use the same controls. The original design of these games was based on taking turns using the same controls. As one player would play until his turn ended and then the other player would step up and take his turn on the same controls.

But if you want to play two player games with seperate controls then you would have to start it from the ends where both players are facing each other (cocktail mode).

To switch the orientation of the screen you must do it from the game selection screen by hitting the Cocktail/Standup orientation button that is shown in Figure B. This only applies if you have a cocktail table.


Volume Control


Some games may be louder than others and the volume can be adjusted to preference.

To adjust the volume you have to open up the machine and locate the amplifier that has 4 knobs on it and looks similar to the image above. Once you locate that amplifier you simply just turn the volume knob counter clockwise to lower and clockwise to raise.


Setting Up Machine to Take Quarters

  1.  Locate the coin assimulator in front of the machine and open the coin door.
  2.  Put in a sample quarter into the caddy tray as shown above in figures D and E.
  3.  Find the green QC sticker and pull up on it. It may be easier to lift up on it with the spring disconnected.
  4. Once you have it up, then you want to put your sample quarter in the cut as shown in figure E (the yellow disc is a dummy coin that you need to replace with a real one).
  5. After you put your quarter in the caddy, then lower it back down.

Fine tuning the coin caddy will take a number of attempts to ensure accurate alignment when it is setups correctly, then the quarter should fall all the way through.

If it gets caught then the sample quarter is not in correctly and you must hit the coin return lever to get it out and reinsert the sample quarter again.

NOTE: the machine must be on for this to work. It may take a couple of tries but it will work just keep trying!

De-activate Freeplay When Using Coin Acceptor

Note that this process is for our Tabletop Lift Model only.

To finish setting up your machine to take quarters you must de-activate the freeplay button on the control panel and to do this you must open up the machine on the coin door side and look up to the right and you should see something similiar to figure f.

The blue button is the freeplay button and the red switch is to turn off the freeplay button that is on the control panel.


To activate FreePlay again, the switch must be flipped back on to use the freeplay button on the main control panel.


LED Light Controls:

The other switch that is behind the back door of the machine is to turn off the LED lights that are on the outside of the video game unit.


Lifting up the tilt screen

Step 1 : Locate the two latches (one on each side) that secure the screen to the unit during shipping.

These images are from the top of the machine when the screen is up.
To unlatch the screen, you have to reach into the machine from the back (opposite of Coin Door) and reach up through the hole that

is in the picture and unlatch the clamp. THE SCREEN WILL NOT GO UP UNTIL YOU DO THIS.



NOTE: When transporting machine, make sure that you have fastened these latches back down again to prevent damage.


My Games List Setup Start Machine (with PC keyboard and mouse)

Start Machine with PC USB Keyboard and mouse wired/wireless:

Note: If there are no USB ports available you can disconnect one temporarily to plug in your keyboard and mouse.


Open the Setup Window by pressing the“D” Key:


Add one game to My Games List by using the mouse:


Delete one game from My Games List by using the mouse:



Save My Games List by using the mouse:


Show My Games List:

Check My Games then Save:

Hide Adult Games Check “Hide Adult Games” then Save: