Instructions: How To Custom Configure 3500 Machine

How To Custom Configure 3500 Machine

Locate the front access panel and open it. Plug in a keyboard to the usb port here:


  1. Go through the game menu to find the game to configure
  2. Launch the desired game.
  3. Once you are in the game then hit [TAB] on keyboard. 

Once you hit tab key you should be in this menu:


After you get to this menu, use your down arrow on your keyboard to navigate to Analog Controls and hit ENTER.

NOTE: Please take caution when changing settings in this menu, you
may render your system inoperable by changing things that you are not sure of. We recommend only changing the analog controls for games that need it.

Once you hit ENTER then you should be on this screen:

Your values will most likely be different than what is displayed here I just doubled all of the values for Golden Tee because I was not able to hit the ball far.

Use your keyboard to navigate through the menus and hit left and right arrows to raise and lower the values in these fields. DO NOT HIT ESC key or you wil have to start over. Once done select return to previous menu and then return to game.

If you are looking to change the assignment of a certain function (i.e. jump, 'a' button) you would go to this screen:

On the screen right above, go ahead and select input (this machine).

You will then land on this screen:

Use the keyboard to navigate around the menus and hit enter when you come to something that you would like to change.

After hitting enter, the machine will wait on the next input to assign it to wherever you hit enter at. In the above screen, I selected Player 1 right stick and hit the second joystick to the right so player one right stick to the right is bound to joystick two axis +. So to move the player in Robotron you use the left stick and to fire you use the right. Just like the original.

This can be done with any game to custom configure your input to your preference.

Once you exit out of the config menu then you should still be in the game. At this point you need to hold down the player one button for three seconds to exit out of the game and return to the selection screen.

Now hit the z key and it should bring you out of the game to the game selection screen with a menu that looks like this:

Now select SAVE USER CONFIG (this could take several minutes) once done your new analog values for that particular game will be saved .

After the machine is finished saving the new settings, then they will be saved for good for that particular game. If there is a problem at any time in the future, you can always select load default config and it will default ALL of the game settings to factory and everything will return to the way it was when you first plugged it in.

We recommend not leaving the keyboard plugged in as it can effect the funtionality of the arcade unit.