Way Back Arcades 4 Player Stand Up Arcade With 20,000 Games Designed By Arcade Dave

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*** Coming In April ***

Behold!  The "MegaCade" With 20,000 Games And Custom Wrap That's Perfect For Your Game Room!

Your Game Will Look, Play, And Sound Exactly The Way You Always Wanted For A Lifetime Of Family Fun!

Here's what you get:
  • Full-Sized Commercial Grade built arcade cabinet… it even takes quarters if you want to charge the neighbors to play!  It’s the same quality materials and builds you’d find in the arcades you played in as a kid.
  • Choose from a 32" to the Godzillatron 70" LCD HD screen protected by thick tempered, anti-glare glass so you can put your machine anywhere you want in the house without worrying about damage to your monitor!
  • Play up to 20,000 games including all your favorites from Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Golden Tee, Super Mario Brothers, and more wrapped into an easy to use interface you control from your joystick (see game list below)
  • Plug n’ Play - no programming required just plug in your machine into any standard outlet, flip the switch and you’re instantly racking up points and KOs!
  • SANWA Joysticks… your dream game deserves only the best joysticks so you’re gonna be playing with one of the top name brands in the business.  Just the perfect amount of responsiveness and durability
  • Lighted Trackball… this thing lights up almost like a disco ball at Studio 54.  It performs like a champ on games like Golden Tee and Cabal but is absolutely eye-catching!
  • Extra Internal USB ports… maybe you’re like me and love first-person shooter games like Operation Wolf, Terminator 2, Beast Busters, and more… simply open your cabinet and you have the ability to plug in light guns or steering wheels to play your favorite FPS and racing games!
  • Backed By A No Questions Asked 3-Year Warranty.  Only one machine has ever been sent back in the six years these have been produced.  We will guarantee years of memories with our machine or we’ll refund every dime and help you send the machine back on our dollar!
  • Free delivery… we want to make this such a no-brainer for you we’ll cover shipping.  You might pay another company upwards of $400 to ship this bad boy but we got you covered.
  • DIMENSIONS: Vary by screen size

You can own your dream arcade today and pay over time... owning one of these incredible arcade games has never been easier.

Again, you are going to get a free custom wrap, free shipping, and, a three-year warranty and thousands of games for a lifetime of memories!

To get started just hit the "Add To Cart" button and as soon as your purchase is completed we will get started on your custom wrap.

Product Features:

  • Arcade Type: Cabinet
  • Players: 4
  • Game Count: 20,000
  • Trackball: Can be added on
  • Joystick Count: 4
  • Stools: 2
  • Warranty: 3-year parts warranty
  • Overall Size: 39.5"W x 43.75"D x 70"H