Bluetooth Buddy Adapter For Your PowerMini

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Meet Your "Little Bluetooth Buddy" That Blows Out Sound In Your Favorite Ear Buds & Headset!

You guys asked us for it...

Some of you even berated us about it...

Now, we've finally found the perfect Bluetooth adapter that works seamlessly for your PowerMini!

Meet The Bluetooth Buddy!

Check out how simple this is to operate:

Just insert your Bluetooth Buddy into your aux port in your PowerMini and you'll be blowing out your eardrums playing your favorite games in NO TIME!

Here's the deets about the Bluetooth Buddy:

* Works with any headset that uses Bluetooth... it's literally plug n' play

* Has a rechargeable battery so you can play for hours without annoying interruptions

* Comes with our rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee!

* Ships in 1-2 business days and... you know we'll give you free shipping!

Get yours now for only...


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