The PowerBarTop Arcade Cabinet By Way Back Arcades Featuring The Pixelcade

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It's Like Having Your Very Own Personal Arcade Hall That Fits On Any Table Or Bar! 

If you've always wanted the perfect arcade cabinet for your home this will be the most exciting thing you read...

Here’s why:

Since 2021 when we first started promoting arcade cabinets we wanted to build something our "kid self" would go crazy over...

We tried dozens of different designs...


You name it.

But after two years of experimenting, we've built something that will be the centerpiece of your family's entertainment...

And we've just upgraded this console with a more POWERFUL mini PC and the best memory cards on the planet so your games load even faster than before!!!

We’re talking about top-of-the-line arcade joysticks, light-up buttons, a powerful mini desktop PC, the ability to play with a racing wheel, and light gun sets that are completely plug n’ play…

And this beast has it all...

A crystal clear ASUS or Samsung montior...

Wood cabinet created in the plains of Oklahoma by Game Room Solutions (GRS)...

A gorgeous, stunning Pixelcade built in the SF Bay Area...

And of course, it's all built right here in the great state of Florida... 100% Made In The USA!

Even better… you can play four-player games like The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and two-player light gun games like Mechanized Attack, Beast Busters, and everyone’s favorite:  Terminator 2 - Judgment Day!

Picture this for a second… you push the big, red power button on this insanely powerful gaming console and all your favorite games are waiting for you to play.

That’s why we are proud to introduce…

The Power BarTop From Way Back Arcades Featuring 23,000 Arcade & Console Classics Plus Nearly 400 Pinball Tables!

Here's what you get:

🕹️ 23,000+ arcade and console games... all your favorites plus nearly 400 pinball tables all in one powerful arcade cabinet that you can fit on any table or bartop!  And of course, all the games are pre-loaded!  GAMES LIST HERE

🕹️ Every Power BarTop arrives pre-built with a crystal clear ASUS or Samsung 22" monitor, premium speakers, a plexiglass cover for your joystick panel, 

🕹️ Choose from 16 awesome wraps by GRS that come FREE with your Power BarTop purchase so you can customize your arcade experience!

🕹️  What's that you ask?  Can you play with light guns?  Racing wheels? Flight sticks?  FUGHEDDABOUTIT!!! No problem!  Your Power Bar Top is PC powered which makes it adaptable to playing with external controllers, light guns, wheels, and more!

🕹️ You get the power of Launchbox/Big Box, the top front-end software for making finding, saving and organizing your games easy!  Customize your themes and even start up movies with ease

🕹️ OMG... we must be insane to offer this but the mindblowing Pixelcade comes standard with your new Power BarTop (dude, it's a $600 value with parts and labor).  This legend changes the marquee with whatever game you're playing!

🕹️ The cabinet, Pixelcade, and arcade gaming systems are all built right here in Florida... USA baby!

🕹️ Every Power BarTop comes with a 1-year parts warranty.  While we built this thing to be like Fort Knox we'll repair, replace and update your BarTop for parts including computers.  

🕹️ 100% US-based customer support!  The people who built your Power BarTop are there to help you get the most out of your machine with weekly support and we'll even hop on calls and can program your machine remotely without you needing to send it in.

🕹️ Oh yeah... and you get FREE SHIPPING! (which is about $100 for this behemoth!)

But look... I can read your mind. 

I know what you wanna see...


Check out what the games look like on your new Power Bar Top:

Now Let's Talk About Those Pinball Games...

We've also included 400+ of the all-time best virtual pinball games just like the ones you loved jamming out to with your buddies at the arcade!

Here's just a little appetizer of what's waiting inside your new PowerConsole:

Terminator 2:  Judgment Day

Bad Cats

The Simpsons

Click here for the games list:  23,000+ games

"Tell Me More About The Pixelcade Thingy!"

If you've never had one of these on an arcade cabinet... YOU HAVEN'T LIVED!!!

So here's what the Pixelcade is about:

It's a dynamic marquee that changes with whatever game you're playing.

Say you're playing Super Mario Bros... the Pixelcade will show the Super Mario Bros. artwork on the marquee.

Then, you go to play Joust and right on schedule... the Pixelcade will change to the Joust artwork.


You can even have it display special greetings like "Now Playing On Sean's Arcade!"

Here's a little demo of how it works:


But, What About The Wraps?!?

Choose from 16 amazing, gorgeous old-school wraps... have a look!

Own Your Power BarTop Today And Pay Later With The Power Of Affirm!

As we like to say, "Play Now, Pay Later" is a reality with Affirm...  simply add the Power BarTop you want to own into your cart and once you're in to checkout just hit the white "Affirm" button.

We’ve had hundreds of requests and even more coming to own these PowerConsoles…

Our YouTube fans go nuts over watching demos…

And our buyers are already claiming their own.

So act today and we’ll get your Power BarTop built pronto!  Plus you’ll get FREE Shipping, a 6-month money-back guarantee, and discounts on accessories like gaming pads and racing wheels!

To order simply hit the “Add To Cart” button, pick your design, and finish your checkout.

A member of our tech team will reach out to you to let you know the progress of your Power BarTop’s construction and in less than a week it will be shipped right to your door.

Now, let’s get those games out to your home… grab your Power BarTop today!

And don't forget to use code POWER in checkout to save $200 Off plus FREE Shipping & OVER 400 VIRTUAL PINBALL GAMES!

*** Own a PowerConsole?  Email us at sales@way-back-arcades directly for a special trade-in discount code!

Still Got Questions?

Here's some frequently asked ones:

* How long does it take to build a BarTop?  Typically we're done in less than 30 days and on average it's 15 days to get it shipped out.  If it's for a birthday or holiday let us know and we can expedite the shipping speed.

Is there a buy now, pay later option?  Yes, our customers use Affirm which you can apply for at checkout.  Just look for the white "Pay With Affirm" button.  On approved credit, it will allow you to pay over time.  We will still send out your PowerConsole within 10 days.

What's the return policy?  Here's how this works:  there's a six-month parts warranty on the machine.  So, that means if something breaks during transit or normal use we'll replace it on our dime including shipping.

In terms of refunds, we will not refund a Bar Top if you don't like the wrap you picked out.  Or if you decide you just don't like the product itself since a lot of labor goes into making the machine.  We're fine if you take your time purchasing as we want you to be 100% confident.  So feel free to ask all the questions you'd like about the Bar Top itself and we're happy to schedule a demo if that helps.