The PowerMini 10K

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Ten Thousand Of Your Favorite Games

That Fits In Your Pocket

Remember the first time you laid eyes on a Nintendo Gameboy...

You couldn't wait to fire up your favorite games, ignore doing chores, and get lost in slaying every boss...

The coolest part about owning one of those handhelds is wherever you went... it went.  Whatever and whenever you wanted to play something it was ready and waiting.

But the problem always was this:

You could ONLY play certain games on one handheld like a Gameboy and had to buy another one like a PSP to play other games.

Now that's all changed... introducing the:

PowerMini 10K!

Here's what the PowerMini 10K is all about:

  • Get up to 10,000 of your favorite games packed into one powerful, compact handheld gaming console including Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II, 
  • Equipped with a crystal clear 4" in display that can be hooked up to a TV or computer monitor using a standard JSAUX cable!
  • Easily fits into your hands comfortably and has bluetooth capabilities to connect with your favorite wireless earbuds and headset!
  • Play with analog sticks or "D-Pad" for easy game play and the capability of connecting a wireless controller!
  • Take your PowerMini 10K on the go with our convenient EZ Carry hard case included FREE!
  • Rechargeable battery means you'll never have to replace dead batteries and you can play up to 5 hours on a full charge!
  • Comes with our standard 60-day money-back guarantee... either you love your new PowerMini10K or we'll refund every dime!

But I know what you want to see...

The Games!!!

Check out just a few of the titles waiting for you with our PowerMini 10K

(video here)

(video here)

(video here)

Now you gotta be wondering how much is it?

It's yours for only...


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All you gotta do is hit the "add to cart" button... place your order and we'll have your new PowerMini on the road the same or next business day!

Don't wait because I've already had people on our YouTube channel and email list asking when they can grab one.